SHE (Safety, Health & Environment) Consultancy

We are quality consultants with expertise in the field of occupational safety, health, environment, training and law, with a rich and versatile experience for about 10 years. We have a team of associates who are well qualified and experienced practicing professionals to accomplish the task of enhancing SHE system and environment for our clients.

Occupational SHE enhancement will go a long way to improve productivity of the industries and reduce losses and suffering of the workers and earn appreciable reputation in the business field.

We offer a variety of SHE Consulting services:

  • Accidents/Incidents Investigations.
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA).
  • Process Hazards Analysis (PHA).
  • Risk Assessment & Management.
  • Safety Audits.
  • Safety Awareness Campaigns.
  • Safety Programs and Management Systems Assessment.
  • Safety Systems Design.
  • Safety Training Gap Analysis.