Inspection Engineering

Inspector Qualifications and Skills and Report Preparation

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and Fitness for Service (FFS) Analysis

Inspection of Pressure Vessels and Storage Tanks

Inspection of Process Piping and Pressure Relief Devices

Industrial and Production Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Basic Simulator Training for Operators in Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP).

Smart Protection Measuring & Control Devices.

Load Dispatch Control, Distribution System and Power Plant Hand Tools.

Repair of falling Bundle & Quadruple Conductors.

Circuit Breaker Schematic Diagrams & Troubleshooting.

Electrical Motor Control Troubleshooting Techniques.

Protective Relays (Principles & Applications).

Tower Access & Rescue Workshop (Industrial & Technical Rope Access).

Battery & Battery Charger (Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting).

Practical Consideration of choosing Insulators & Insulation Cable Materials.

Advanced Protective Relays for Electrical Power System.

Power System Blackouts (Causes & Preventive Measures).

Replacement of Quadruple Tension Insulators at 380 KV Lines.

Electrical Power Systems (Distribution Design – Operation – Maintenance).

Transformers (Applications, Testing, Protection & Maintenance).

Battery & Dual Battery Chargers (Operation & Maintenance).

Electrical Equipment (Testing & Maintenance).

Generators (Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting).

Practical Distribution & Substation Automation including Communications.

Advanced Relaying & Equipment Protection (Transmission).

Inverter & UPS System (Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting).

Preventive & Predictive Maintenance of Overhead Lines.

Distribution Network (Design, Planning & Maintenance).

Mechanical Application Overhead Transmission Line Works.

CT & PTS – LV & MV (Installation & Maintenance).

Reactive Power Management & Power Factor Correction.

HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generators) (Design & Maintenance).

Electrical Maintenance (Principles & Applications).

System Restoration (Methodologies & Implementation).

Communication Engineering

Ethernet and IP Networks Quality of Service (QoS).

Evolution of Wireless Networks (GSM, GPRS & UMTS).

Next Generation Networks – VoIP (Voice over IP Communication) and SIP Duration.

Advance Technology of Signals and Frequencies.

Instrumentation Engineering

The New Generation of Digital Process Control System.

Variables Measurement (Temp., Pressure, Flow, Level).

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) – (I, II & III).

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers.

Chromatograph Analyzer (Maintenance, Tuning, Analysis & Calibration).

Corrosion (Monitoring, Inspection & Control).

Fuel Oil Treatment (Centrifuges) (Operation & Maintenance).

Corrosion, Erosion Engineering & Cathodic Protection.

Cement and Concrete Engineering

Sampling Methods, Identification, Preservation & Retrieval of Counter Samples.

Cement Production Process in Lime Stone Quarry.

H.E. Engine (Pre-Start, Inspection & Safe Operation).

Setting Up Fuel Oil Circuits and it’s Thermal Oil Circuits.

Dispatch Machines Electrical Troubleshooting.

Pulverized Fuel Guidelines for the Cement Industry.

Maintenance ENG for Line of Slurry (Mills, Pumps, Bucket, Elevators, Washing Machines and Conveyor) Wet Process.

The Role of Statistics of Quality Control in Cement Industry.

Heavy Torque G/Boxes & Other Gear Boxes Overhauling.

Solutions to Concrete Field Problems (Troubleshooting).

Dispatch Machines Mechanical Troubleshooting.

Understanding Concrete Floors & Moisture Issues.

Aggregates & Chemical Admixtures for use in Concrete.

Refractory Bricks Installation, Lining & Castable Applications.

Supplementary Cementing Materials for use in Concrete.

Belt Splicing, Vulcanizing Works & Conveyor Belting.

Grinding Media Measurement & Calculation Charge Percentage.

Rock Blasting Technique (Theoretical & Practical).

Cement Mills Operational & the Grinding Media.

Plastic and Polymers Engineering

Electrical Troubleshooting of Plastics Processing.

Mechanical Troubleshooting of Plastics Processing.

Civil Engineering

New – PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI - ACP).

PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI - RMP).

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).

Earth Retaining Structures (Selection, Design, Construction & Inspection) – in LRFD Design Platform.

Mechanical Engineering

Maintenance, Management & Planning by Utilizing Computers.

Gear Boxes (Operation, Maintenance & Inspection).

Hydraulic Systems (Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting).

Fundamentals of Steam Turbine (Design & Operation).

Gas Turbines (Operation, Maintenance & Protection).

Mechanical Troubleshooting for Pumps, Compressors, Bearings & Lubrications.

Pneumatic Systems (Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting).