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E-Leaning and Content Development


The e-learning content developed by BAYAN is authored using the most modern tools and design philosophy. We believe that a multi-sensory approach to e-learning, with rich use of multimedia, is vital. 


At BAYAN we can also ensure that trainees are learning content effectively by restricting progress within and between modules by using progress tests and tracking access.


BAYAN develops e-learning content that is compatible with the most common e-Learning Protocols: SCORM, AICC, etc. This will ensure full integration with any Learning Management Systems available now or acquired in the future.


BAYAN delivers content in HTML5 format. This ensures that the content is available cross-platform on any modern device including PCs, iPads, and smartphones. If delivered in Flash or similar formats, the ability to use the content on different devices is greatly reduced. This is the reason we deliver in HTML5 as it’s the future of web and e-learning development and ensures your content is future-proof.


As all of our e-learning solutions are developed bespoke for our clients, they are not licensed or sold off the shelf. Our clients will have complete and full ownership of content and can utilize it however they wish. BAYAN will also deliver the source files so that if our client wishes to move development in-house, they have the ability to do so easily.



Our interactive and practical online training provides intense learning opportunities provided through wide-ranging presentations, gaming elements, and related videos.  


The E-Learning characterizes sustained interest, enthusiasm, and participation displayed by the participants throughout the program. 


Supporting Services

Through our E-learning development, we ensure maximum interactivity according to the time frame chosen from each tool. This allows for greater engagement of the trainee, which improves learning speed and retention, where the Continuum of Interactivity, can simply be shown using the below diagram.


Continuum of Interactivity


Our E-learning development techniques can incorporate various multimedia elements including images, videos, and gamification. User progression can also be controlled and fully monitored using SCORM e-learning protocols.


BAYAN has a deep background in both the technology we use, as well as in training. We can therefore ensure that we're using the capability of our solutions to the utmost level to ensure that we are enhancing the trainees’ experience.


A vital part of developing engaging e-learning is the incorporation of multimedia. Included with the price of e-learning development is the sourcing, development, or optimization of all image requirements. We will also develop any required animation, video content, gamification, and/or virtual reality.


Typical content will be delivered in an interactive format and add either a scenario or a game to either reinforce the learning of a certain subject or test a trainee’s understanding. This combination is a highly effective way of enhancing the trainees’ experience.

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