Industrial Security Courses

Modern concepts of security and safety programs in banking installations 'procedures and techniques’.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Security Officers.

Exploring and Detecting surveillance patrols.

Professional Security Inspector (Techniques & Methods).

Basic concepts in negotiations ‘strategies and tactics that could be followed'.

Highly Trained Armed Guards with Advanced Communications.

Modern strategies in preparing and executing security plan.

Fast intervention and rescuing the vital targets.

Promoting the security sense and information gathering.

Technique of Investigation & Security Questioning.

Basic Local Alarm Systems - Intrusion & Fire.

Importance of the effective communication in the field of security ‘team work necessity’.

Modern trends of schools and institutions’ education management’.

Access Control - Third Generation (Biometrics).

Fire prevention, Detection & Control Systems.

Promoting the sense of security and fast intelligence analysis.

Improving security work (methods and procedures).

New trends in mass media and public relations.

Protection & Security for Organizations and Pivotal Places.

Industrial psychology: its impact on the security works and how security officers can win the trust of the employees.

Cyber security, Alarm systems and Risk Exposure.

Fundamentals of psychological and social counseling services.

Recruitment and operating information resources ‘the art of operating agents’.

Basic Skills of Leadership & Security Supervision.

Security investigation and interrogation skills.

Guarding and securing correction and rehabilitation centers.

International terrorism: stages of combating terrorist in hostage taken situations.

Developing and improving security leadership.

Performance evaluation standards (assessment).

Advanced Skills of Leadership & Security Supervision.

Security of public installations and embassies.

Diplomats' treatment skills (at the airports and borders).

Planning and executing public awareness campaigns.

Site Security: Technological Monitoring System.

Arrest, Raid, Detention, Inspection and release in security operations.

Health installations security management systems.

Report writing and security inspection skills.

Comprehensive safety and security of health care installations.

Security pass: obstacles and methods to solve vehicle driving list inside the installation.

Domestic terrorism: 'the needed data to monitor and control terror attacks’.

Premier Alarm System (Central Monitoring System).

Specialized Search (Explosives & Bombed Vehicles).

Arts of management and organization in industrial security.

Role of control in installation security, evaluating and implementing security programs.

Security Planning (Protection Plans & Set up Procedures).

Preparing security policy for the installation and the importance of considering the administrative procedures.

Strategies of installation security against sabotage.

Arts of operating correctional and rehabilitation centers ’rehabilitating inmates’ programs’.

Role of security officer in combating terror operations 'plans and methods'.

Concepts of comprehensive security in vital installations, embassies and airports.

Security planning’ protections plans and taken procedures’.

Highly Secured Physical Barriers & Premier Guard.